PLA/ABS Build Plate (Plex3d/gekonweld) 20x20x1


Gekonweld is new kind of a build plate!

First time on the market!

Have you ever experienced adhesion problems in the past? Tried glass, painters tape, kapton, hairspray, gluestick? Tried heat-beds with various temperature settings? Some of those will definitely work, but require so much effort, and still is never 100%. With Plex3d buildplate you no longer need any of those!

Main Features of Plex3d/Gekonweld build plate:

  • Always perfect adhesion without any additional sprays, glues
  • Save on Electricity - no heat-bed required! Print on cold with PLA and ABS!
  • Don't worry about scratches! just sandpaper to get the surface back in shape again! (or use the other side)
  • This is the last Build Plate you'll ever need for your printer!

Size: 200mm x 200mm x 10mm (more sizes will be available soon - let us know about your needs)

Please make sure that this is compatible with your printer, it unsure contact us and we can advise!


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