Why do we do it?

We are a small business developing in rapidly growing 3D printing environment. Our goal is to help everyone that is (as we are) fascinated by limitless possibilities of being able to 3D print virtually anything. In near future we see 3D printer being as common and popular as printer or scanner is these days and we want to be a part of this revolution. 
We believe that 3D printing, although fascinating itself, will also become a tool that will open new ways and opportunities to materialize anyone's vision.
Whenever You are business or individual with head full of ideas we are here to fulfill any of Your 3D printing supplies needs. We offer a wide colour range of filament for 3D printers and that is only the beginning. We cooperate with European manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards to produce excellent quality filament.
If there is anything that You are looking for we do not have, drop us an e-mail and we will make every effort in order to help You.