E3D v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal (Direct) (12v)


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Genuine E3D all metal hotend - probably the least problematic hotend on the market. For most 3D printing enthusiasts it doesn't need any introductions. Works perfectly with all common materials, including flexibles. With thermistor included, maximum operating temperature is ~300C, by upgrading with thermocouple you can reach 400C and over. Such temperatures will allow use of PC and many other high temperature materials.

Kit Includes: 

Metal parts

  • 1 x Aluminium Heatsink (including embedded bowden coupling)
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Heatbreak
  • 1 x Brass Nozzle (0.4mm)
  • 1 x Aluminium Heater Block


  • 1 x 100K Semitec NTC thermistor
  • 1 x 40W Heater Cartridge (12v or 24v depending on version)
  • 1 x 30x30x10mm fan (12v or 24v depending on version)
  • 1 x High Temperature Fiberglass Wire - for Thermistor (150mm)
  • 2 x 0.75mm Ferrules - for Solder-Free Wire Joins


  • 4 x Plastfast30 3.0 x 16 screws to attach the fan to the fan duct
  • 1 x M3x3 socket dome screw and M3 washer to clamp thermistor
  • 1 x M3x10 socket dome screw to clamp the heater block around the heater cartridge
  • 1 x Fan Duct (Injection Moulded PC)

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